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Mon-Fri: 9AM to 7PM

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Online Pharmacy

For your convenience, we offer an online pharmacy, where you can get your pet’s medications, prescription foods, flea and tick preventatives and more! We offer competitive prices and guaranteed-safe and effective products, and prescription orders go right to your pet’s record with us. Plus, with autoship, your pet’s prescriptions can be refilled and shipped automatically.

Clients are welcome to use any pharmacy they choose; however, please keep in mind drug manufacturers do not guarantee products purchased from third-party online pharmacies, and there have been issues with counterfeit products, incorrect temperature storage and incorrect dosing instructions.

Client use of outside pharmacies takes valuable time away from our primary focus, which is to care for our patients. Therefore, At Home Veterinary Care will approve the first prescription for an outside pharmacy at no charge and send an email that the prescription request was received and approved. However, any additional requests for the same prescription will be discarded.

Please note these is a $10 charge for approval of duplicate prescriptions if the pharmacy did not receive the original prescription.

Our Online Pharmacy—Your Best Option!